Ashburton, Ashburton, Canterbury

For enquires contact Pauline Walker on:
643 308 5807Email

Breeder History
Have been breeding since 1990 - initially Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs, but over the past few years have branched out into their cousins, the Balinese, Javanese, and Foreign whites (both short and longhaired)

Breeder is NZCF registered.

Cat Breeds
 Balinese Javanese Oriental

Kitten Information
Kittens currently available for purchase
Kitten viewings are available

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 NZCF Registered Pedigree certificate
 Delivery in NZ International delivery

Payments accepted :
Cash Cheque Personal

Other information
Description of breeding queens: 1 Balinese sealpoint 1 Balinese caramelpoint 1 Foreign white variant 1 oriental chocolate golden lynxpoint variant

Description of breeding studs: 2 chocolatepoint Balinese 1 Foreign white variant
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