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Geraldine, Timaru District, Canterbury

For enquires contact Holly Nicolson on:
03 693 7355Email021 0593135

Breeder History
The Mighty Manx 'PEDIGREE' We breed the Cymric(Long haired Manx)plus Isle of Man(Tailed Manx)long or short hair and of course the short hair tailless Manx. They are unique in their looks and character! You will cherish the addition of one or two to your family. They are great companions & you will find them dog like in action! picking up items and carry them around, play in or with water and follow you most everywhere you go as if wanting to help. Our kittens are ready to leave for their new homes from 10 to 12 weeks of age. We are Registered with the NZCatFancy, kittens will come with a 4Generation Pedigree and registered. We have standing orders! Plus accept SPECIAL forever friend requests! We endeavour to Satisfy such important choices. Feel free to ask any questions.

Breeder is NZCF registered.

Cat Breeds
 Cymric Manx

Kitten Information
Kittens currently available for purchase
Kitten viewings are available
Check trademe.co.nz, Search Mighty Manx! We have a mixture! ages, sex & color. Feel free to ask what is available NOW! Adults also available.

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 NZCF Registered Come with food vouchers
 Come with photo album Come with information pack
 Pedigree certificate De-sexing contract
 Delivery in NZ International delivery

Conditions of purchase : To approved homes.

Payments accepted :
Cash Online Payments

Other information
Breeding awards: WILDCAT Sheik, Seal point + white,Champion & best of breed, 3rd in Top 10 in his first show. LUVMETENDER Hugh-Go Blue bicolor male (At 4-6mo kitten) Best of breed & 9th in top 10 in Show.2013 LUVMETENDER SHE IS, Breeders Award or Merit. LUVMETENDER CANDORA, Champion.

On 23/08/10 Charlotte Walshe said:
"Hi Holly,thanks so much for helping us find the perfect wee manx for our family.Maisy is wonderfully well adjusted,great with pre-schoolers + dogs, completely house trained(never had a pet so well trained from go),a smoocher+staunchly independent rolled into one.The family can't believe how much like a dog she is,but for me she's a great reminder of the manx I grew up with I'm thrilled my family can have this experience.thank you for delivering her to us with great follow up.Charlotte.072010 "
On 23/08/10 Annie Chou said:
"Monto!we taught him a few more tricks,sit,stand on 2 feet,roll over, shake hands.Sometimes when hungry he will come showing all tricks without being asked.Today he did 10 without error!By the way he uses our toilet too,we haven't taught to flush yet.Recently He picked up "indoor soccer" runs around with ball between feet like a pro sportsman!When excited he will wag tail like a dog and he's water mad when we shower he would happily play in it.He's more like a kid with his own personality!082010"
On 19/05/10 Tania said:
"Hi Holly Thought I must let you know how Leo is doing. He has been delightful and settled in really well after only half a day. He doesn't stray far(as you said)and loves company. I love his markings,& was thrilled to discover his chocolate coloured pads on his feet-they are so cute! He follows me around like a wee dog, & often races around like one. My other young cat & him often wrestle and chase each other. Well thanks again he is just the perfect wee guy. April 4th 2010"
On 19/05/10 Anne Chou said:
"Dear Holly: May 12, 2010 Monto is settling in pretty well. He's playful and smoochy. He loves to follow me everywhere and supervise on what I do all day. He quickly learns where to toilet and where to scratch. But I think he surely misses the gigantic scratching post at your place! Antony wasn't a big cat fan to start with but he's surprised to find how intelligent Monto is. Antony's now very fond of Him and Monto always gives him a big hug when he comes home from work.Thank you. Annie"
On 09/02/10 Kathryn Burton said:
"We were all very excited and a bit nervous about meeting Fizz! Holly was really friendly and helpful and happy to answer any questions we had. She gave us all the documents on Fizz’s parents.She’s a lovely kitten,very affectionate, playful and tolerant,an amazing jumper & fastrunner.Fizz came desexed,wormed, vaccinated and with her 4th Gen pedigree.I would highly recommend Holly toanyone wanting a family-friendly,fun,adventurous kitten to love. Jan 28 2010 "
On 09/02/10 Elizabeth Ann Yuill Proctor said:
"Hi Holly Just a note to thank you for the wonderful wee kitten we bought from you recently. Your help and advice have been wonderful. Plus the above and beyond delivery service! Archie is a well adjusted kitten - blended in well with our existing cat and dogs - obviously well socialised! Would definitely by another manx from you in the future. many thanks Elizabeth Jan 13 2010 "
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