fjordlanz norwegian forest cats

Te Kuiti, Waitomo, Waikato

For enquires contact Christine Tracey on:
87 878
07 878 06150277139750

Breeder History
I have been breeding Norwegian Forest Cats since 2003 and bought a few of my cats over with me from Australia in 2004. My cats are dual registered with Catz Inc and New Zealand Cat Fancy. I have had a very successful show season last year with kittens that I have bred. I also breed Persians and Exotics, I started breeding those in 1999 but my passion is the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Breeder is NZCF and CATZ registered.

Cat Breeds
 Exotic Norwegian Forest Persian

Kitten Information
Kittens currently available for purchase
Kitten viewings are available
I have a 2 week old litter that will be available and another girl who will be due in March

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 NZCF Registered CATZ Registered
 Come with toys Come with food vouchers
 Come with information pack Pedigree certificate

Conditions of purchase : All kittens are sold desexed.

Payments accepted :
Cash Online Payments

Other information
Breeding awards: Numerous Breeders Awards and Merit awards. 4th in Kitten of the year. I sold a kitten to a lady in Australia to show and recieved numerous breeder awards which were sent to me.

Description of breeding queens: I have a black queen,Bjorna a sliver tortie tabby, CC, a brown tabby with white, Mia, a black and white Brooklyn,and a tortie and white Polyanna.

Description of breeding studs: I have two brown tabbies with white, Nicor and Brock, a black van (all white with only black on his head, face and tail) Vinnie and a red van, Murphy.
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