khymer birmans

Aka Aka, Franklin Waikato, Waikato

For enquires contact Maryannette on:
647 826 6778Email647 826 6778

Breeder History
I am a fairly new breeder of Birmans. I just love their natures

Breeder is NZCF and CATZ registered.

Cat Breeds

Kitten Information
Kittens currently available for purchase
Kitten viewings are available
2 lovely Lilac Boys

Kitten Purchasing Information
When sold, kittens are :
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated

Conditions of purchase : The Kitten must be desexed when old enough

Payments accepted :
Cash Online Payments

Other information
Description of breeding queens: 2 Blue Queens 1 Seal Queen

Description of breeding studs: 1 Seal Point male 1 Lilac Point Male
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