Maine Coon Cat Breeders in New Zealand

Maine Coons are a breed distinguished by high intelligence, dexterity, and playfulness. They have a tendency to use their front paws extensively (often curling the paw round to pick objects up) and as a consequence will easily learn to open cabinet doors, turn on water faucets, flush toilets, or pick up small objects. Some Maine Coons will eat, or even drink, from their paws, rather than from the bowl itself. Please note that the above information was taken from Wikipedia.

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Oropi Pyes Pa, Western Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty     Yes kittens available
07 543
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Rolleston, Selwyn, Canterbury     Yes kittens available
03 347
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gully maines

Parakai, Rodney, Auckland     Yes kittens available
09 420
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gataoeljo mainecoons

Frankleigh Park, New Plymouth, Taranaki     Yes kittens available
06 562
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Westport, Buller, West Coast     Yes kittens available
027 717 3059Email
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furtastic maine coons

North East Valley, Dunedin City, Otago     No kittens available
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rebelpawz maine coons & polydactyl maine coons

Taupaki, Rodney, Auckland     No kittens available
027 223
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abracatabra coons

Mount Wellington, Auckland City, Auckland     No kittens available
027 511
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mightypawz maine coons

Paremata, Porirua City, Wellington     No kittens available
027 609
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flurmonz maine coons

Halcombe, Manawatu, Manawatu Wanganui     No kittens available
646 328
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shachats maine coons

Orewa, Rodney, Auckland     No kittens available
09 426
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vladimir maine coons

Rangiora, Waimakariri, Canterbury     No kittens available
03 313
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Tuakau, Franklin Waikato, Waikato     No kittens available
09 236
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shiningwater maine coons

Maia, Dunedin City, Otago     No kittens available
03 471
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kasabrook cattery

Pyes Pa, Western Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty     No kittens available
07 543
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